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Bristol’s ‘Old City’ once again resonated to the harmony of Italian exhaust notes as the Auto Moto Festival sprung into life on 25th April. For the thirteenth year in succession, the streets; lined with Italianate architecture, thronged with enthusiasts and thrilled spectators with one common purpose: To soak up the heady atmosphere and marvel at the wide array of style and design flare. This year our featured marques were Lamborghini and Moto Morini. Spectator interest was intense throughout the ’Old City’ as crowds thronged in from the city centre, through the Bike Zone; tempted by the hundreds of examples of classic machinery, both ancient and modern from all the prominent marques and a few more obscure ones too. On into Corn Street they passed the scooter displays, adorned with classic Lambrettas and Vespas, the Abarths, Fiats and then the exciting array of Alfa Romeos and Maseratis and then at the centre-piece, the Lamborghinis. Further on were magnificent displays of Ferraris and Lancias. Ernie Marshal’s Aventador was chosen for the ‘favourite Lamborghini’ award while Ben Courage’s 1937 Aprilia won our ‘Favourite Lancia’ award, although competition was stiff.

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BIAMF is organised by the Italian AutoMoto Club with the assistance of the Bristol branch of the Ducati Owners Club. Click on the logos below for details of these clubs.

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