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What entrants and spectators said about the 2014 Festival

"I visited the Italian car show today in Bristol and was just simply so impressed. For once, it was all about the cars, the passion and the people. People, maybe with no prior interest, were given the opportunity just to enjoy what they saw without any obligation beyond experiencing something special. It felt vibrant, emotive with even a sense of theatre about it. If my opinion matters at all, everyone involved today should give themselves a pat on the back."

"Thanks for a great day at Bristol, my Maserati looked great in line with all the others, a great show in all"

"Thank you for another great BIAMF today. Your hard work and planning for a superb event is much appreciated. THANK YOU!"

"Just a note to say thanks v much for all the tremendous effort that must have gone in to making today’s event at Bristol so good."

"I'd like to thank you guys for organising and putting on yet again a brilliant show for everyone to enjoy! You all work so hard but it shows, well run, credit to you all!"

"I did make it to the show and thought it was great, some beautiful cars."

"I myself had a fantastic day, one of the best ever with the Ferrari."

"Once again a great show with excellent organisation. My thanks to you and the marshals and everyone involved."

"Great day on Saturday. You and the Marshals clearly did a fantastic job."

"Just wanted to say thanks to you and your team for organising yet another fantastic day in Bristol for this year’s BIAMF.Thoroughly enjoyed the day again. Top marks for a job well done."

"Thanks to everyone for another brilliant BIAMF."

"I would like to congratulate you on another splendidly organisedevent."

"Great show this year"

"That was an awesome day on Saturday, great fun! Hope you've recovered now and congratulations for putting on a fantastic show!"

"I will defo be back next year for this fantastic event."

"Just like to say what a great and interesting day it was on April 19. Great to see the unusual and the everyday cars and motor cycles and a wonderful way to enjoy them. When I lived in Bristol I enjoyed going a few miles to see it, now I live in Dorset and set off at 05.50 to travel 80 miles; it is still worth it, great show."

"BIAMF is the highlight of my event year and this time was no exception"

"What a great event, had such a good time."

“I just wanted to say it was a fantastic day again. I go to lots of shows and BIAMF is always the best. My cousin from Italy was most impressed with it.”

"The event was a huge success again"

"Just a quick email to say "thanks" for all your hard work in making BIAMF 2014 such a fantastic event"

"BIAMF is better than Facebook or Twitter for bringing Italian car enthusiasts together."


If anyone wishes to promote a product or a company through the Festival, please contact us via the email below. Sponsors will receive a full 12 months of publicity on our websites.

We also welcome feedback and suggestions regarding the event. These and any other enquiries should be addressed to: biamf@italianautomotoclub.co.uk.

BIAMF is organised by the Italian AutoMoto Club with the assistance of the Bristol branch of the Ducati Owners Club. Click on the logos below for details of these clubs.

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