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Festival Nuptial Footnote

Although the Registry Office is less than a minutes' walk from the Festival information stand, we've never mentioned it as we never thought that anyone would combine getting married with a visit to BIAMF. However, while this has yet to happen there was some overlap between these two very dissimilar events this year.

If you visited Small Street during the Festival you will no doubt have seen the marvellous Fiat 900E Panaramica of Mike Kason, which used to shuttle between the Ferrari works and their test track. During the show Mike was asked if he would convey a newly married couple from the registry office to their reception a short distance away, so short in fact that they had intended to walk.

He agreed and some ribbon was hastily obtained to decorate their unusual wedding conveyance, although had he realised that he was going to have to wait around at the end of the day for the equivalent of about half his homeward journey time, he might have thought again!

The happy couple finally emerged from the registry office and after the inevitable photographs the groom pointed to the little Fiat and broke the news to his spouse. Her look of disbelief and the phrase, "No way!" was soon replaced by happy acceptance and after many more photographs the newlyweds made their way to their 'limousine', the entire wedding party and quite a few passers-by photographing the scene.

With the immaculately-attired couple in place of its former overall-wearing occupants, the 900E then made a sharp exit followed speedily by the Alfa-engined 500, bringing one of the less-usual episodes of the Festival to a close.


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